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He is known as the kind boss of George in the Trolliverse. He even said that he's lucky to have him because any boss would fire him. His teleporting is just him at fast speed.

He had a quick battle with Osama Bin Weegee. He had a weird plan, which he just punched him once. Osama Bin Weegee hit the plane and crashed into a fountain. He sadly had to pay for that as George said. Osama Bin Weegee also gun-fired at him, but turns out he's bullet proof. He also had a small battle with Vomeo. He was forced to make him leave. He also insulted Vomeo, and called him a person from the 80's.

Now It's Time To Get Real

Besides being a boss, he's also a police man. He has a wanted poster. It shows Officer Ganson, Zomboss, Hitler, and Marvio. He's actually trying to lock Officer Ganson away. He also got very mad at Krebs, and tried to bomb down his bunker. Sadly when he went to look for evidence on Officer Ganson, he didn't get the last laugh.